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Xtenso 3 on a heavy truck – Workshop version

The Xtenso 3 on a heavy truck has a telescopic jib that allows you to reach a working height of 18.50m. It also has an exceptional lateral outreach of 13.90m with 280kg in the basket.

Specially designed for network interventions, this truck mount meets the requirements of street lighting or telecom maintenance companies etc … This aerial lift is all the more interesting as it has been fitted with a large workshop.

This workshop will allow you to load all your tools, work equipment and materials. It’s a real workspace where you can install storage space like wardrobes or shelves. This space is very convenient for securely transporting everything you need during your work at height.

If this model of lift does not suit you, know that the Xtenso 3 exists also in a chassis version without workshop.



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  • Engine start and stop from basket
  • Stabilization with independent controls in the basket and from the ground
  • Independant emergency manual pump
  • Proportional controls on all movements
  • Secure acess to the working platform
  • Hoses and cables are inside the boom structure for maximum protection
  • Automatic centering of the platform and the turret
  • Lifting arm consisting of a double telescope and a telescopic jib with 180° orientation
  • Telescopic jib for an overhang of more than 5.10m and allowing 360° access to the ground
  • Hydraulic rotation of the basket in all positions
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