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As the number one aerial platform manufacturer in Europe, our primary mission is to think about tomorrow’s designs. For this we can count on the know-how and expertise of several years that leads us today to design aerial work platforms on innovative vehicles and meet all safety standards. Our intention is to cover the needs of all trades requiring work at height. A desire that is reflected in our ranges of products represented by van mounted aerial platform, truck-mounted aerial work platform and chassis truck mounted lift. As a manufacturer of aerial platforms, we also give ourselves the mission to assist you in the management and use of your MEWP fleet.

Our capacity to produce 2,200 aerial platforms a year is therefore accompanied by a myriad of services, which first of all involves increasing the skills of your teams via our training program. Our desire is to make the life cycle of your aerial work platform the longest possible. We therefore offer you, as a distributor, a large stock of spare parts. If possible, one or more pieces can be sent to you on the day of ordering.

Thanks to our worldwide network of distributors, we are sure to provide you with the model of the second-hand platform that will suit you best. Mobile maintenance and repair services are provided by Nacelle Assistance and Services. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with national coverage in France and in the world via our network of distributors.


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How to become a distributor?

Our program

By becoming a new member of our distributors network, you open the door to tailor-made offers and services. A great value for your Klubb aerial work platform reseller business, which includes, for example, volume discounts, aerial work platform training, aerial platform sales or technical support, to name just a few.
Becoming a distributor of our aerial work platforms is also about ensuring a partnership based on trust and close relationships, you will never be left behind. It is also worth noting that our company Klubb continues its development every day in Europe and around the world, gaining even more new distributors and trusted partners.
We owe this tremendous expansion to our constant desire to build our partners’ skills and to develop a range of new generation aerial platforms, reliable and efficient in time and respectful of the environment. If you believe that you are our next aerial platform supplier, contact us right now and make a deal which suits both of us.

Our products

Van mounted aerial platform

Explore Van lifts

Cities of all sizes become a playground for work at heights thanks to the van aerial platforms.These compact and ultra-mobile vehicles make it possible to quickly reach your place of intervention. Aerial platforms on vans are particularly recommended for the maintenance of telecom networks, the maintenance of public lighting or the installation of advertising posters. Their loading capacity also gives you the opportunity to carry with you your large, heavy equipment.

Chassis mounted aerial platform

Explore chassis

Discover our wide range of chassis truck mounted aerial platforms. These KLUBB boom lifts on truck’s weighing less than 3,5T or pick-up are highly prized by the rental, pruning, window cleaning or public lighting maintenance trades. These new work platform truck chassis are suitable for many business applications. Our models of boom lifts will allow you to reach working heights between 10m and 20m. You will find among our range of aerial lifts on chassis truck models with articulated or telescopic arms exactly what you need.

Truck mounted aerial platform

Explore trucks

Maintenance of urban green spaces, maintenance of roofs, maintenance of networks, the possibilities of use of truck aerial platforms are never ending. As a result, klubb aerial platform mounted truck’s are true technological gear for working at height. This type of aerial work platform mounted on truck’s over 3.5T is appreciated for its payload and high stability. Our models of new telescopic boom truck will allow you to reach working heights of between 15m and 28m and lateral offsets that are between 8m and 20m.

KLUBB cares about the environment


All Klubb aerial platform production sites are located in France. We continually work to improve our process to make them more environmentally friendly.

Our entire product range can be equipped with the Green Pack option, which allows the aerial work platform to operate with the van’s engine switched off to reduce noise and pollution. We were an early developer of 100% electric vehicle mounted on aerial platforms and we also offer solutions for natural gas powered carriers.

Our employees are recruited nearby, as close as possible to our premises to limit the pollution caused by travel. Our objective is also to participate in the development of the area in which we are located in Seine et Marne. These different approaches are labelled as part of the PM’Up programme, which support high-potential SMEs and SMIs in the Ile-de-France region who have a societal and environmental approach.


709, 2021

The tallest van-mounted platform unveiled at Matexpo

Ferrières-en-Brie, 7th September 2021 – Klubb, leading European aerial plaform manufacturer, annouced the launch of the KT18PZ, the highest van-mount in the market at Matexpo Kortrijk Xpo, from 8th to 12th September. The KT18PZ will be unveiled on [...]

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Our factories

Our factories have the capacity
to manufacture and install 2,200
aerial platforms per year.

Some examples of industries we serve

Public Lighting

Light is one of the greatest urban comforts of our modern world. Thanks to the electric energy, the cities and the countryside are lit up day and night. Perpetually sought, urban lighting such as street lights or traffic lights show a fragility over time. To keep our streets always lit, we have a range of aerial work platforms specifically for the private sector companies and utilities to maintain public lighting.



KLUBB truck mounted aerial platforms, chassis and van mounted aerial platform’s are particularly suitable for the maintenance and installation work of telecommunication networks. Thousands of kilometers of cables that allow cities and people to be connected constantly deserve the upmost vigilance, which is why KLUBB aerial platforms are equipped with the most innovative technologies on the market.



No premises is completely invulnerable to criminal activity, and therefore a crucial element that all business should invest in is an effective CCTV system. These networks of cameras protect the commercial safety of your buildings and the personal safety of your employees, both of which are invaluable to an employer. Keeping this type of equipment in good condition using aerial work platforms keeps the secure character of towns and sensitive sites.