KLUBB is part of the GELEV Group, a French bodywork company

With a turnover of more than 73m Euros and employing 300 employees, the GELEV Group is an European market leader in aerial platforms.

The GELEV Group’s structure comprises two areas of operation:

puce-klubb-nacelle The industry department:

Its success is based on designing and producing hedge cutting vehicle conversions, dedicated to increasingly specific applications.

The Gelev Group’s portfolio includes KLUBB France and Mobitec. KLUBB France is the market leader in France for vehicle-mounted access platforms. Mobitec specialises in the custom fitting out of commercial and utility vehicles.

puce-klubb-nacelle The service department:

Customer service is at the core of the group strategy. So we are able to provide our customers with a full range of value-added services from financing to maintenance.

Nacelle Assistance and Services provides outstanding maintenance and repair services.

Competitive finance for all KLUBB solutions is available through Delta Services.

TFC can take care on the delivery of your utility vehicles.

Our design office provides R&D for the Group’s various product ranges.