KLUBB aerial work platforms

Most of the time, aerial work platforms, also known as boom lifts or MEWP, are used for a variety of temporary maintenance and construction purposes where there is a real need for flexibility. Please note that aerial platforms need to be clearly differentiated from cranes, an another type of elevating devices. The aerial work platforms are used to lift people and the cranes are used to lift loads. which have a higher safe working load.

As a manufacturer, we design aerial lifts mounted on vehicles like vans, chassis trucks, heavy trucks and on 4×4 pick up which offer a solution to many applications like telecommunication networks maintenance and repair, safety inspections, window washing, tree care work. This vehicles provide mobility, and may also help stabilize the unit – through outrigger stabilizers are still typical, especially as vehicle mounted boom lifts are amongst the largest of their kind.

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Aerial work platform mounted on heavy truck
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Discover the KLUBB range of aerial work platforms made in France.
The KLUBB range consists of models shaped by 19 years of industry experience and expertise. The company is currently developing its network of dealer partners worldwide.
We meet the needs of all professionals working at height. From electrical maintenance to high-level pruning, our aerial work platforms provide both excellent range and flexibility. We have a list of more than 150 options dedicated to specific applications. The range is compatible with most van, chasis and truck types and models. All platforms can be operated with the vehicule engine turned off using KLUBB’s Green Pack technology, which saves fuel and protects the environment. We are able to offer customers high performance, cost-efficient aerial platforms that deliver new advances in performance, safety and total cost of ownership.

Please contact our team of experts for advice on which KLUBB cherry picker model is best for your needs! We strive to design models of aerial work access platforms dedicated to increasingly specific applications. Our aerial work platform range is constantly expanding with new models, if you do not see the machine you require please contact us for latest availability.

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