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11,80m Aerial work platform K26 on van

The K26 is a bucket van model with telescopic boom allowing you to reach up to 11.80m working height and 6.80m offset.

Ideal for telecom maintenance or street lighting maintenance, this van lift is available with a 1 person basket without stabilizers or a 2 person basket with stabilizers.

The K26 aerial platform is compatible with all L2H2 type vans and obtains a large loading capacity. In order to optimize this useful space, we suggest you equipt it with storage units and flooring / walls adapted to your profession. This saves you time in the organization of your work and safety in your travels.

The rear doors of this van can also be replaced by a curtain to facilitate the change and unloading of your equipment.

We also take care when setting up all the luminous signs necessary for work on the highways: retro-reflective strips, flashing light, triflash…

The performance of this bucket van allows it to perfectly meet the needs of professionals who work at height and who need space to store their equipment and tools such as telecom or public lighting… Whether you work on construction sites or on roads this model will be an asset in all working conditions.


  • NISSAN NV400 L2H2
  • IVECO DAILY (wheelbase 3520)
  • MERCEDES SPRINTER (wheelbase 3665)
  • VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER (wheelbase 3640)

For vehicle options, please contact us before ordering


  • Engine start and stop from basket
  • Independent emergency electric pump with all the features in the basket for maximum security
  • Proportional controls
  • Secure access to the working platform
  • Hoses and cables are inside the boom structure for maximum protection
  • Aluminium boom for optimum stability
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