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9,80m Aerial work platform K20 on van

The Klubb K20 is designed to be mounted on very small vehicles thanks to a very light aluminum arm. This a perfect example with its compact size, between minivan and city car. The K20 on Renault Kangoo is today the smallest compact van in the world!

With a working height of 9.80m and an offset of 4.80m, K20 telescopic boom lift on Kangoo is intended for urban applications and is particularly suitable for telecom, installation of video surveillance systems, maintenance of traffic lights or that of signs

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  • Engine start and stop from basket
  • Independent emergency electric pump with all the features in the basket for maximum security
  • Proportional controls
  • Secure access to the working platform
  • Hoses and cables are inside the boom structure for maximum protection
  • Aluminium boom for optimum stability


  • Signalling devices (triflash, 2 flashing lights, reflective strips)
  • 220V electric socket in the basket
  • Reinforced suspensions
  • Fully opening insulated basket
  • Custom fitting out of vehicles
  • Side ladder rack
  • Rotating basket
  • Green Pack: the platform can be operated with the van engine turned off
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