K38P platformOur client needed a platform model to operate on CCTV cameras in the city. He chose the Klubb K38p for his work at heights.

The K38p aerial work platform allows to reach 13,80m of working height and 8,20m of outreach, which covers a broad field of activities. It is also equipped with a pendulum arm, very convenient for all obstacle avoidance maneuvers such as tree branches. The basket is insulated low voltage, which allows operators to work safely, on electrical devices

Good to know: The K38P can also be mounted on a cutaway van for more compactness.

In order to meet the eco-friendly requirements of our customer, this van mounted aerial platform benefits from the green pack system, which allows allows operators to use the machine on battery, with the vehicle engine off.

Efficient, practical and multi-purpose, this platform mounted on van is the ideal machine to support all multi-service companies in their work at height.

If you want a demonstration of our K38P nacelle contact us.


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